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You’ve taken a big step, you know that opening a shop is actually the easy part. You still have a long way to go to make your store a success. We are here to help you! 

The tips below will help you learn how to sell on Etsy and succeed as an online entrepreneur. They have already been put to the test by many entrepreneurs like you . Now is your turn. 

Many of these tips can also be applied to other online sales sites, not just Etsy.

20 Tips for Selling on Etsy

1. Focus on your target market

In 2018, there were 39.4 million active buyers on Etsy, but not all of them are your prospects. Your products will meet the needs of a specific audience . Everything – your brand identity, your product description, marketing, and even the packaging – should be directed at that audience.     

The market to which you target your products can expand over time. There may be groups of people you never considered potential customers who end up buying your products. When this happens, review your marketing initiatives with them in mind.  

2. Create a unique brand

Your brand is not just your name or your logo. It covers all the characteristics of your business . It is the way you will define yourself and your market will perceive you. How do you want people to know and remember your business? Creative, friendly, professional, reliable, trustworthy, and practical? Incorporate these qualities into your products, your store, and the way you draw attention to your customers. 

3. Use the words that best describe what makes your store special

Other stores on Etsy likely offer the same type of product that you sell. Emphasize the characteristics that differentiate them from other similar products. For example, if you sell handcrafted and safe pet collars, why not add “non-toxic” or “safe for your pets”? If your product is made from natural materials, add the words “completely natural.”

You don’t just sell products, but additional benefits that people get when they buy them. If you were to search for the products you sell yourself, what keywords would you use? Include them in the title or description.

4. Post great photos

This is one of the keys to success in selling on Etsy. Every guide on how to sell on Etsy contains this advice. If your photos are not attractive enough, customers will not read the product description.

We suggest you take photos of your products with a DSLR or digital camera. Those should be your first options for taking photos. Ask someone who knows photography for help. Don’t just turn to your smartphone. This one takes good photos, but not spectacular.

5. “Decorate” your business

There are many tools on Etsy that can help you make your business stand out from the crowd. You can create an icon for your store and an listing on Etsy. Use the customization options to transform your still photos into a collage or create a sequence of images that rotate continuously. Appeal to your creativity when choosing fonts and colors to spice up your business, but be consistent with the choices you make. And always add links to your products or special promotions.  

6. Compete on value and not price

If you can set your products apart from others sold on Etsy, compete on value. Offering the lowest price will not make your business a success. On the contrary, many people do not trust products that are sold at lower prices than others. The key selling factors should be the quality of your products and the service of your store. Selling professionals on Etsy emphasize quality, not price.

7. Ask your family, friends and clients for their opinion

You can be your own critic, but also ask your family or friends to visit your Etsy store. They can come up with suggestions to improve your business. Also, ask your customers to leave their comments. They are a great source of new ideas.

8. Reply to all messages from your customers

Thank customers who give you both positive and negative feedback. Customize the answers. Don’t use a generic answer or template. Make each customer feel like they were specifically targeted. If someone isn’t happy with your product, offer them another product or a refund.

9. Use social media

Etsy is a great platform, but it’s not your only resource. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to promote your store on Etsy. Don’t be shy about asking people to share your posts on their social media too. It would be great if you shared photos in which you or other people use your products. Remember: always add links to your business.  

10. Create your own website or blog

Do you want more online exposure for your products? Create your website or blog. There are many tutorials to learn how to do it. You don’t have to be a tech savvy. You will find pages to create websites that any beginner will find easy to use, you can get in touch with us to get you started out aswell. 

When you have a website or blog, you have all the control and more space to add images and information. You can link to Etsy and vice versa to generate traffic. And best of all, maintaining a website or blog is very cheap.

11. Make your packaging distinctive

It is not enough to pack your products professionally. Make the packaging unique! If you use custom-made boxes, you won’t spend a lot of money printing your name or logo on them. If you want to be known for respecting the environment, buy boxes and wrapping paper made from recycled materials. Be creative with even the simplest things.

12. Include a thank you note and your business card

Don’t skip this tip. Including a note inside the package is a token of gratitude that your customers will appreciate. Sign it at the bottom and, if possible, write a personal message. You can print thank you cards that already contain your business information: email address, contact number and website. Or if not, simply attach your business card to a small thank you note.

13. Add an extra gift or discount coupon

Another way to thank your customers is to add a small free product or a discount coupon for future purchases. If you want, you can inform them that they will receive these before they buy your products. If not, let them be surprised when they open the package. It could be a very good move to create a great impression and get them to come back.

14. Have enough inventory

The worst thing that can happen to you when you receive a large order is not having inventory. It is always advisable to have enough products and supplies. Right now you can’t have a good stock for a question of money? Then consider asking for inventory financing.   

15. Take advantage of free shipping boxes offered by USPS and other companies

One way to succeed in an online business is to reduce shipping costs. If you plan to ship through the USPS, visit their website. You will find free envelopes and boxes of many sizes that you can order in bulk at no cost. It’s best if you can go to your local postal service to see for yourself what resources you can use.

16. Establish a packing and shipping routine

Customers want to receive your products quickly. You can save time by establishing a procedure for packing the products and shipping them. Assign a specific place for this task and create a workflow. Also, designate a time of day to pack your products. This will help you focus on a single task.

Stock up on enough shipping supplies. If you choose USPS, keep in mind that there are different types of boxes and envelopes for each type of postal service (Priority Mail, Priority Express, Flat Rate and International). Prepare pre-cut wrapping paper and, if necessary, bubble wrap or similar materials.

17. Play the Etsy Shipping Features

Do you want to save up to 30% on shipping costs? With Etsy Shipping, you can print labels for use with USPS, FedEx, and Canada Post. You order a label and, in a matter of seconds, you can print it. Also, when purchasing a tag, the order is marked as shipped. If you choose this option, have enough paper to print with a sticky side.

On Etsy, you can offer faster shipping options. Give your customers the possibility to receive their orders as soon as possible. In your Etsy account, click on “Shop Manager”. Then click on “Settings”. Click on “Shipping Settings”, then “Rates & Upgrades”. Finally, enable “Shipping Upgrades”. 

18. Contemplate the dropshipping technique 

If you do not have enough space for your inventory or you are not the manufacturer of your products, the so-called dropshipping is a good option. Upon receiving an order, you can forward it to your manufacturer or business partner. They will take care of the orders you receive for packaging and shipping. The dropshipping you can save time, but be aware that it can also be costly.     

19. Offer special promotions and discounts

Like any physical business, it offers special promotions during the holidays and other special occasions. Advertise sales in your store in advance. On Etsy, you can set discounts on some or all products. Before the holidays, you can incentivize customers with gifts or even free shipping if they pre-order.

20. Read the Etsy forums

Etsy has a very collaborative seller community. In addition to selling tips, you will find many topics that fit what you are looking for. Many sellers are willing to share their experiences and will be happy to give you suggestions. Feel free to ask them.

COVID-19, the new normal, and Etsy shops

The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of stores in the country to close, leaving consumers confused about which are the best alternatives for their daily purchases.

Fortunately, there is the Internet, where all shoppers have migrated: from shopping for groceries, electronics, clothing, household items… well, you can buy everything there. This, of course, is great news for everyone who owns an online store, as this change could become part of the new normal – people who didn’t use to shop online before are now understanding all of its benefits and how It is safe.

In short, in the new normal, people will buy more online. And this could help your Etsy shop.

Of course, the pandemic also brought problems. Since we all have to stay home, many have lost their jobs – this translates into less spending and fewer purchases of non-essential items. And most Etsy sellers don’t sell what is considered essential. Also, you may not have enough money to buy supplies to make your products.

But this doesn’t mean that your Etsy shop can’t be successful. This will be over, and it is crucial that you are prepared for when shopping begins to return to normal. The key is to prepare in advance instead of reacting when things start to stabilize.

Your Etsy shop will be a success

Follow these tips to sell Etsy and you’ll be on the right track to success.

Over time, you can expand your business and try other alternatives that e-commerce offers. Once you know the ins and outs of selling online , consider other sites, such as Handmade on Amazon, Artfire, IndieMade, and Shopify. You have infinite options! 

If you want me to help you give your business visibility on Pinterest with an effective strategy that attracts constant visits to your store, come and see my social media management packages for entrepreneurs or write to me at janerandallsnewsletter@gmail.com telling me your case and what we will analyze for free. 

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