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How to customize the look of your Etsy store’s home page

Tips for creating a powerful visual brand with your store’s icon and banner, among other elements.

The home page of your store, the virtual showcase of your business on Etsy , is usually the first thing potential customers see, and therefore the first impression they get. Having powerful images that are consistent helps tell the story of who you are and what makes your products unique. A well-coordinated store landing page captures visitors’ attention, inspires shopper confidence, and has the potential to build long-term loyalty.

When you have the colors, fonts, and photographic styles that align with your brand identity, it’s time to incorporate each element of that design palette into your store’s visual history. Remember: consistency does not mean that your entire store has to be the same. Think of the banner, store icon, and product photography as puzzle pieces. They should complement each other to illustrate everything you offer. In this article, we explain how you can make your store home page stand out with your chosen design palette and Etsy customization tools .

Tell a visual story

Even though they are two separate graphics, the store icon and the banner must work as a team to represent your brand as a whole. Together, these visuals (intended to attract attention) should give shoppers immediate information about your business as soon as they arrive at the store.

Design the store icon

The shop icon is your business logo on Etsy . This small but powerful graphic element will represent your store throughout the site. That is why you should choose an image that is easy to identify and that reflects your brand. A good store icon communicates meaningful details about your brand through simple graphics and hardly any text. If you don’t have any graphic design notions, there are free online tools like Canva that can pave the way a bit.    

Here are some tips to check that your store icon is doing its job well:

  •                                 It’s easy to understand? If you decide to use a graphic, make sure buyers understand what it describes and how it relates to your store. For example, greeting card vendor Surfing Sloth uses a sloth from her artwork as a shop icon.    

Example of a shop icon design from Surfing Sloth 

  •                                 Is it memorable? Samuel Sherman, artistic director of the Etsy brand design team , says that “simple and minimal logos and icons are more recognizable.” Customers who have bookmarked your store or bought from you should be able to recognize your store icon quickly. 

  •                                 Does it look good in small? The shop icon appears full size (500 × 500 pixels) on the shop home page, but it will appear much smaller in the activity feed, on receipts, and in the Etsy app . Preview your design in different sizes to check that your final selection is clearly recognizable even when small. It is also advisable not to use too much text, because it is unreadable in smaller formats.    

Create a banner

The banner occupies the top of the home page. It’s the most prominent graphic shoppers see when they visit your store. To create an image that shoppers are curious about, try these tips:  

  •                                 Design for the correct dimensions. Sharp images tell buyers that your business is professional and that you take care of even the smallest detail. You have two standard options: Large banners take up much of the space at the top of the store’s home page. To be viewed with the highest quality, they must be 3360 × 840 pixels in size, and a minimum of 1200 × 300 pixels. For their part, small banners are the ideal option if you prefer that the store icon and advertisements take center stage. Small banners are 1200 × 600 pixels in size. This means that the ads will appear higher when the store’s home page is visited on the computer, and on mobile devices they will not appear.              

Example of a large banner design, from Scandinazn . 

  •                                 Highlight your best photography. The banner is the ideal space to display your products in their sauce or to highlight a prepared image showing the assortment of your collection. “This is an area where you can see all the products in your store united in one image,” explains Samuel. 

  •                                 Use the correct and necessary text. If you want to include the name of your store in the banner, put it in a size that is large enough for it to be read on mobile devices and place it in the center of the image. Thus it will remain legible in small size. 

  •                                 Add links. If you’re using a large banner, you can add a link to a specific ad or section of the store. Customize the link text with a call to action such as “See more colors” or “Buy the deal” to guide shoppers. 

  •                                 Unleash your creativity. “The banner is like a large canvas,” says Lyanne Dubon , creative director of the Etsy brand design team . “Experiment with repeating patterns, color fields, unique textures, or photographs of your workspace.” Lisa Rupp of Etsy shop Lisa Rupp Design in Arizona welcomes shoppers with a colorful graphic showing the details of her gouache illustrations.   
  •                                 Reflect your main milestones. Your banner is a good space for you to reflect seasonal changes, holidays, milestones and special occasions throughout the year. In any case, avoid changing the graph too often; It is essential to show some consistency to create a recognizable brand. 

Help your store stand out

Those who subscribe to Etsy Plus will have access to advanced customization options with which they will have greater control over the banner designs. Update your account to start experimenting with two designs that will take your brand to another level.  

  •                                 Collage: Composing a photo collage is very easy with this Etsy Plus feature, which allows you to assemble up to four images on a single banner. We love this design to show different levels of detail or prints and patterns alongside finished products. 
  •                                 Carousel: This option allows you to display a set of four images that rotate in a continuous loop, rather than using a single static image. With this design you can instantly capture the attention of buyers and give them a kind of guided tour of what you offer in your store. Use one image as the protagonist and then take advantage of the rest to tell the story of your brand. If you want to put the spotlight on your inventory, you can display multiple product lines or tell a story about your best-selling products by combining studio photographs with complementary lifestyle images. 

Seattle Giant Flowers party decor store highlights different products using the carousel feature offered by Etsy Plus .    

Pro Tip: If you’re using a large banner or carousel feature, you have the option of linking each image to a specific ad or section of the store. Customize the link text with a call to action such as “See more colors” or “Buy the deal” to guide shoppers. 

Make your products the protagonists

Your articles are the cornerstone of your business. Therefore, the way you present them visually should align with the overall aesthetic of the store. Study well how you are going to mount the product photos and which ads you are going to highlight. Keep in mind that each image that appears on the home page should reinforce the overall story of your store.

Use all the photos from the ad

Your product photography should convey your brand’s established design palette and satisfy your target market. The more uniform and attractive the appearance of your store, the more likely it is that buyers will share your products and return to repeat their shopping experience. 

Select the order of your ads

Think of your featured ads as if they were the window of a physical store. They are located just above the store message. It is the perfect space to attract buyers with your most striking inventory. 

A careful selection of four items that represent the aesthetics of your store can be a quick letter of introduction of your brand to buyers, and could encourage them to take a look at your store to see the entire collection. To get the most out of your featured ads:

  •                                 Keep the queue well stocked. Up to four items will be displayed at the top of the shop home page, but you can add as many as you like to the queue. When one of them is sold, the next item on the list will appear in its place. That is why it is advisable to have a good list of products on hold. 

  •                                 Be consistent. Featured ads should maintain a line in style, just like all other images. This allows buyers to get a clear and immediate idea of ​​what your brand is like. Choose ads whose main photos look good next to each other in terms of background, lighting, and color palette. 

  •                                 Combine elements. Play highlighting different product combinations. You could pair your waxed canvas weekend bags with matching toiletry kits or show off your best-selling wallet in four of your most famous colors. 

  •                                 Keep it up to date. Keep changing your featured photo sets from time to time and use that space to display new items, specials, and seasonal items. 

Expose your product lines

If you want to make your ads the real stars, Etsy Plus offers advanced options so you can customize your featured items area, such as:

  •                                 Combo Grid – Tell a more sophisticated brand story with a combo grid layout. This allows you to highlight one main ad in a larger size and four other ads or complementary sections. The combo grid is great for creating an interactive experience for shoppers, allowing you to give them a visual tour of your best products. 

  • When choosing which ads to add to the queue, check that their main images complement each other well. Use photos that show different products and perspectives, and organize them in a way that invites the buyer to take a look around the page. 

Many stores use the mixed grid in the design of the highlights area, available when subscribing to Etsy Plus , to display a selection of products and customization options. 

Vintage home goods store Nar Mag opts for a mixed grid, including a cover photo and a selection of sections to provide a quick visual overview of their product assortment. Instead, the Nuremberg store Dye For Yarn displays bold hues and highlights various advertisements. Bloom Valley Market uses the mixed grid to display gorgeous product photos that complement the collage banner, another feature available with Etsy Plus .          

  •                                 Featured Sections: Subscribers to Etsy Plus, which offers the ability to highlight entire sections of the store, will be able to further customize the highlights area to draw attention to new product lines, seasonal collections, and store-wide offers. When you select the section you want to highlight, you can also upload a new cover photo that represents the theme of that collection. 

Share your store’s story

Shoppers come to Etsy to buy from people like them. Seeing the person behind the products will give them much more confidence when making a purchase, and reading your personal story will inspire loyalty to your brand. Take potential buyers behind the scenes of your passion and your process so they can understand much better what makes your store so special.

Fill in your presentation section

Your presentation section is the space where you can tell your buyers what inspires you, how your products are made and why you started a small business. Complement your story with pictures that show your workspace, your creative process or your favorite products to give it some color. Some advices:

  •                                 Show real people. If the store has more members, add their photos. This will convey more confidence and a more human feeling. 

  •                                 Use the photo carousel. The carousel in the presentation section reinforces your narrative. Share photos of you (and of your store members, if applicable) while you make your products and work. You can also add photos of your workspace or whatever helps to communicate the story of your store. 

  •                                 Add a video. Adding a video of the store to your presentation section can help create a closer link between your customers, your products and your process. Buyers will trust your business a lot more when they hear you speak directly about your work.   

Include a photo of the store owner

The store owner’s photo , or profile photo, appears prominently at the top of the store’s home page. That is why it is recommended that you choose a pleasant image that reflects the best of you. Upload a square image of at least 400 × 400 pixels, that is sharp and well lit.    

“Ideally, use a photo that shows your face,” says Lyanne . “They improve the credibility of your store and help build trust.” Since the photo is relatively small, crop it to fit your face (or your faces, if there is more than one person). A good general rule of thumb is that the face should cover almost 70 % of the frame. If you prefer to remain anonymous, try uploading a graphic that aligns with your brand and reflects your personality. 

Your photo shop owner and the name displayed below are linked to your public profile of Etsy . If you haven’t updated this page for a while, now is a good time to check that the information is up-to-date and that it adequately represents your brand and your business.  

If you want me to help you give your business visibility on Pinterest with an effective strategy that attracts constant visits to your store, come and see my social media management packages for entrepreneurs or write to me at janerandallsnewsletter@gmail.com telling me your case and what we will analyze for free.

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