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5 SEO strategies for your Etsy store

Do you feel like your products are invisible on Etsy ? Can’t reach your buyers? Is it difficult for you to appear among the first search results? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, it is probably time to jump start your SEO strategy for Etsy and get your customers and your products to find each other!

This SEO guide (or search engine optimization) for Etsy will help you give visibility to your store and sell on Etsy successfully: we will explain how searches work, you will understand what their algorithms are and how they work, the factors that exist Take into account when positioning a product and the steps you should follow to improve your positioning in search results.

Ready? We started!

Positioning in the Etsy search engine : what it is and why it interests you

Why should you invest in positioning your products on Etsy ? For a very simple reason: there are many buyers in this marketplace . According to Marketplace Pulse , Etsy had 41.03 million active buyers (users who had purchased a product in the last 12 months) during the first quarter of 2021. This number represented an 18% growth over the previous year.

This tells us that consumers are buying more and more on this website. And, the greater the number of consumers, the greater the possibility of selling. And with that, better benefits for your products! But, to sell, you need your products to be visible in Etsy’s search results . And this is where SEO optimization on Etsy comes in .

How does seller rankings work on Etsy ?

According to Etsy, when a buyer performs their search, the algorithm does two things to determine the results that will appear to the customer:

  1. Search term matching

Etsy , through a process called query matching , in which the search engine reviews the published products and collects those that are related to the search term. During this process, Etsy reviews:


  1. Ranking or positioning

Then Etsy ” ranks ” or order the products chosen based on the possibility that each buyer will buy them . For this, Etsy takes the following factors into account:

Product Relevance : Etsy reviews each product’s title, tags, category, and features to determine if they match what the customer is looking for. The more they correspond, the more likely your product will appear in the first positions of the search result.

Product quality : Etsy checks the conversions of each ad to determine a metric called a “quality score.” The higher the conversion rate, the higher this score will be and the better positioned your product will appear.

Product Age : New ads rank better (temporarily) than older products. This “boost” can last from a few hours to a few days, depending on the volume of searches for that product. This allows Etsy to understand how shoppers interact with each product, which affects their quality scores.

Customer and market experience . Etsy wants to give its customers a positive search experience. To do this, its search engine takes into account the customer service history of each seller, as well as the content of their store (including their About us page, which has policies, customer reviews … Etsy gives a score to each store based on the experience it offers, and reward the most active sellers by putting their products in higher results.

Shipping costs . The shipping price is important to buyers, so it is also important to Etsy . According to a study by the company, buyers are 50% less likely to buy a product if they believe the shipping price is higher than they would like. Therefore, the cost of shipping is a determining factor for Etsy . Sellers with lower shipping prices (or those offering free shipping ) will likely rank higher than those with higher shipping costs.

Languages ​​and translations. If you want to offer your products to buyers around the world , you may want to include custom translations to your products. Although Etsy automatically translates products to match the search terms and language used by customers in their search and settings, manually translating your content will allow you to appear in search results above others.

Products that have been translated automatically. This is because a manual translation always sounds more natural and is probably more like the way buyers will search for your products.

Specific Content Rankings (CSR). A shopper’s search behavior, including the products they click on and the ones they have previously purchased, is also a factor in Etsy rankings .

Etsy uses a technology called Content Specific Rankings to deliver personalized search results to give each customer the most relevant results based on their behavior.

5 tips for your SEO strategy on Etsy

Now that you know how the Etsy search algorithm works , we are going to give you some tips that you can put into practice right now to get your products to rank well in each search:

  1. Find the best keywords for Etsy

Keywords are the first stone of your positioning strategy on Etsy . The first thing Etsy does when processing a buyer’s search is to review its inventory of offers to find the ones that best match the user’s search terms.

That is why it is essential that you find the right keywords for your products published on Etsy . We explain how:

1.1. Think like your buyers

There are several applications for Etsy useful that can help you find the right keywords (we will see in a moment). But, for now, put yourself in the shoes of your clients. When you understand your buyers and why they are looking for your products, you can easily determine the most appropriate words and phrases to use in your product ads.

This will help you as you work through the technical part of keyword research. Etsy’s SEO tools can generate very long lists of keywords, plus thousands of options that can be time-consuming. Knowing your buyers and their buying intentions makes keyword research so much easier, because it gives you an idea of ​​what they may actually be looking for.

1.2. Use Etsy’s SEO tools to find search volumes and find ideas

You can use Etsy’s keyword tools to find even more terms that your customers may be using in their searches. Take a look at these tools to find the keywords you need:

Description: Marmalead-seo-tool-for-etsy

Marmalead is the most recommended SEO tool on Etsy , and for good reason: it is made specifically for this marketplace , and it also offers brainstorming and analysis tools so that you can know the most searched terms on Etsy , the search volume by keyword , their ” engagement ” and competitiveness. It also reviews the performance of each keyword during the last 12 months to predict its future performance.

Marmalead also comes with some features that can always come in handy, such as price comparators or store and product evaluators.

Price: $ 19 USD per month / $ 15.83 per month if an annual payment is made.

Description: sonk-etsy-seo-tool

Formerly known as Etsy Rank, eRank has everything you need to help you with your keyword research – and much more!

Keyword research can take a long time. Luckily, eRank has a couple of features so that you can collect all the information you need efficiently. For example, the Bulk Keyword tool checks search volumes for up to 20 keywords on Etsy and Google at the same time. This can be very useful if you want your products to rank well in Google.

And if you want to know more general Etsy trends , you can use Trending on Etsy , a feature that returns you the most searched keywords on Etsy , in addition to seasonal trends based on results from previous years.

Price: The standard plan is free, but you can upgrade to its Pro plan for $ 9.99 per month.

Etsy Keyword Tool Dominator
Description: etsy-seo-keyword-tool-dominator

This tool is ideal if you are looking for long tail keywords and more specific search terms. The tool for keywords of Etsy KTD is a free web page that generates search terms long tail (very specific search terms with three words or more). This tool provides search volume rankings or Etsy , but is great for finding ideas for keywords of long tail that can enter even other SEO programs.

All you have to do is enter your keyword and the program will generate a list of long- tail suggestions that you can export in CSV.

Price: The free version is limited to 3 searches per day. For unlimited keyword suggestions , daily searches, and more, you can purchase the full version for $ 69.99.

Google Keyword Planner
Description: google-keyword-planner-seo-tool

Google Keyword Planner is a very useful tool if you want to reinforce your keyword research and if also one of your goals is for your products to appear on Google. This tool generates search volume and information about the competition of specific keywords entered in Google, which allows you to know what people are looking for in the famous search engine.

Price: free.

1.3. See your Etsy analytics

Do you want another way to find keywords ? Look at your Etsy reports . Etsy’s reporting tool gives you invaluable information on how your audience finds your products. In addition to showing your number of visits and traffic sources, Etsy also shows you the search term that has brought visits to your products.

Finding your search terms report is very easy. Just go to your Store Manager in your Etsy dashboard and click on Statistics .

1.4. Use the Etsy search bar (but don’t rely on it completely!)

Etsy’s search suggestions can help you with your research, but don’t rely solely on them when searching for your keywords. This is because Etsy makes these recommendations based on recent searches, so they do not necessarily reflect the overall popularity of the keywords .

Description: Example Etsy results

  1. Optimize the key components of your published products

When you know which keywords to use, incorporate them into your published products. When matching customer searches to available products, Etsy will review the components below to see if the product matches what the customer is looking for. Check them out and make sure you optimize them for SEO online!

2.1. Qualification

Etsy allows you to use up to 140 characters in your titles, although it gives more importance to the first words of the title. So make sure to put the most important keywords at the beginning.

If, for example, you sell original paintings, you should use terms such as “wall decoration”, “living room painting” or “abstract painting”, instead of the title of the work (you can reserve this part for the description of the product).

Look at this example: the seller has put all possible keywords in the title, leaving the most relevant at the beginning.

Description: Example Etsy product title

Etsy does not allow titles with more than three capitalized words. Also, some special characters such as the percent symbol (%) and the & symbol can only be used once. Currency symbols and the caret (^) are not allowed in product titles.

Now, let’s move on to the tags, features, and categories on Etsy . These three components function as tags, and Etsy uses them in the search term matching process. However, there are some differences between them:

2.2. Etsy labels

Etsy tags have two functions: to help shoppers discover similar or related products to their searches; and assist Etsy in its search term matching process.

Etsy allows you to add up to 13 labels for each product, so make the most of them! Modify your tags to cover a wide range of search terms. For example, if you sell earrings, don’t just stick to the “diamond earrings” or “silver earrings” labels. Add broader terms, such as “personalized jewelry” or “gifts for women.”

Etsy tags can be up to 20 characters long and contain multiple words. In fact, Etsy recommends using more than one word tags (for example, “handmade earrings” rather than “handmade”), as they are much more accurate.

You should also prioritize keywords of long tail on more generic terms. Why? Because buyers who know what they want typically enter very specific search terms. Using those specific keywords will help you present your products to those consumers.

For example, someone searching for a wallet is likely to enter search terms that describe the type of wallet they want, such as “men’s leather wallet” or “minimalist wallet” instead of just typing “wallet.”

Description: Etsy-tags-use-example

2.3. Characteristics

Features or attributes are additional details that you can use to describe your products. These are displayed in the left column on the search results page, and can be used by customers to find the product they need.

The features serve two purposes: to make the search experience for buyers easier by allowing them to filter results; and provide more accurate search results.

Description: features-etsyAll the characteristics that you give to your products will appear in the left column.

You can optimize this part by including as many relevant features as possible when you publish your product. For example, if you sell a custom black t-shirt, you would select the sizes and mark the color as “black”.

You can also use them to give visibility to your products. The more relevant the features you add, the better your chances that your product appears in search results.

Let’s say that the shirt you sell was purple, and you have decided to add this color as a characteristic. But you could also add “purple” to the list to increase your chances of showing up in search results!

2.4. Categories:

Although Etsy categories are primarily used to help shoppers find the products they are looking for, they also play an important role in the SEO of your online store. Categories and subcategories work like tags on Etsy , and the website uses them to match search terms to specific products.

Try to optimize your categories by being as specific as possible. Edit your subcategories first when classifying your products, because Etsy automatically adds the broadest categories based on the subcategories you choose.

For example, if you sell a ring with several stones, you can use the subcategory “rings with several stones”. By doing this, the product will automatically be added to the “Jewelry and Accessories” category, so that buyers will see your products even when they only visit those categories.

Description: Etsy Categories

  1. Optimize the content of your product pages

Having a product page that meets the expectations of buyers is a great way to start, but it is not the only factor to consider if you want your products to be visible to your consumers.

While a keyword-optimized product page is pretty much a must, having great visual content and engaging copy is also important, as this kind of content often turns into sales.

Etsy’s algorithm takes the conversion rate of product pages into account when determining your rank in search results. The more people click on the product and buy it, the higher your score will be and the higher it will appear in the results.

Here are some ways to bring your listing content to life :

3.1. Use high-quality photos

Etsy allows you to add up to 10 photos per product, so use this opportunity to display your products in good light, and from all angles! Also add a photo of your product in use (such as our lifestyle models ). And, if you can, include images that give your buyers an idea of ​​the size, texture… of your product.

Remember that our photography team can help you take the best photos of your products. So you don’t have to worry about this part!

3.2. Write clear and informative descriptions

Although Etsy’s search algorithms don’t scan product descriptions, they do play an important role in working on your conversion rate. And the algorithm takes this rate into account.

Etsy has no word limit for descriptions, so their length will depend on the complexity of your product or if you want to tell its story. Whatever you decide, keep these tips in mind when writing the copy of your descriptions:

Write the most important details first. This will attract the attention of your customers and encourage them to continue reading.

The information you include here will naturally vary depending on your product, but it usually includes the main features of your product and some instructions for ordering.

You can repeat some words that you have already used in your title, features, tags and categories.

Make your descriptions easy to read. Nothing scares online shoppers more than infinite blocks of text, so try to use paragraphs of about 4-5 lines. Use bold, italics and / or underlines to highlight the most important information and bring your texts to life.

Add links. Etsy lets you can click on links that lead to other pages within the marketplace , so consider adding links to other pages of Etsy to take your customers to other products or your page principal.

That way, if your client does not is ready to buy, you can at least keep him inside your store without letting him escape.

This example follows all the tips we just gave you. The seller puts the keywords at the beginning of the description and then moves on to more technical details. It also includes links to its similar products.

Description: Etsy product description

3.3. Get all the reviews

97% of the consumers read reviews from other customers before making their own purchase. Online shoppers tend to value the opinion of other shoppers, especially when they are going to buy something that they cannot personally see and touch. This is why it is important that your published products have ratings and reviews.

The good news is that Etsy can help you in this regard, as it encourages buyers to automatically share their opinions. To encourage your customers on your part, you can add a note in your shipment thanking them for their purchase and inviting them to leave their opinion on your page.

But be careful with the message you send them. Etsy’s policy does not allow offering additional products or compensation in exchange for reviews. Make sure your message is clear and compliant!

And what to do if you get a bad review? Contact your customer to see if you can fix the problem. If you solve it correctly, you can turn a negative experience into a very positive one!

  1. Keep your experience scores high

Etsy’s search algorithm takes customer and market experience scores into account when ranking products. This metric gives Etsy a rough idea of ​​how satisfied customers are with your store. Here are some factors that can affect your score:

4.1. Product reviews

In addition to attracting other sales, reviews have a direct impact on your customer experience score. Etsy gives higher positions in search results to products with higher scores.

4.2. About me section

An important part of a positive shopping experience is giving your customers the opportunity to get to know your store more thoroughly. For this reason, it is important to write an attractive About Me page with interesting information for your clients in which to build your relationship with your client.

Get the most out of your About Me page by telling your store’s story and adding photos and videos. The main objective is to connect with your buyers and make them feel safe when making their purchase.

Description: Example White Shadows

4.3. Return and shipping policies

Having clear return and shipping policies will help you demonstrate transparency to your customers (especially when managing a return), which will convince them to make their purchase.

Etsy offers you templates for shipping policies, payment options, returns and exchanges, as well as a privacy policy that you can use to create your own policies.

Look again at WhiteShadows : explain clearly what you accept and what you do not accept, to avoid misunderstandings with your clients.

Description: White Shadow Policies

4.4. Avoid disputes and claims

According to Etsy , having or having had an open dispute or claim against your store in the last 4 months negatively affects your score. This is why it is very important that you avoid problems by being honest on your product pages and maintaining realistic expectations among your customers. And if someone makes a claim against you, contact the affected person and Etsy as soon as possible to solve it.

4.5. Copyright infringements

Write original content on your store page and only use photos that you have taken or that you have permission to use. Etsy will lower your score if it receives any notice of copyright infringement in your store.

If you’re not sure what it is the Copyright and how it affects you In this article we will explain!

  1. Offer competitive shipping prices

Etsy knows that its customers are more likely to buy items from sellers who don’t charge too much for shipping. And because they care about customers making their purchases, the marketplace favors ads for products with the lowest shipping rates.

Do you already know how shipping works with Printful ?

Lowering your shipping rates can be tricky, especially if your profit margin is limited. But there are a couple of strategies you could try:

Add the shipping price to the price of your product . Enter a portion of your estimated shipping price in your product price in order to lower shipping rates. For example, if you sell a product for € 10 and its shipping costs are € 5, you could add half of that fee to the price of the product, leaving it at a final price of € 12.50 and with a cheaper shipping rate .

Offer free shipping . Doing so will make your product even more attractive to both your buyers and Etsy . Additionally, Etsy will put a free shipping stamp on your product page. You can put free shipping on all your products directly or offer it only under certain conditions, for example, with a minimum purchase of € 50.
Description: Example free shipping Etsy

Mastering SEO on Etsy is entirely possible

You’ve already seen that ranking well in search results on Etsy involves a little more than attacking the right keywords . Not only will you have to sell products that interest your customers, but you will also have to apply some SEO optimization strategy and be open with your customers about your store policies. Apply these three components and SEO on Etsy will be a breeze!

Do you have any tips to recommend to other readers? Leave it in the comments!

If you need any help don´t doubt to get in contact with me, If you need a recommended Etsy service, you can check out here.

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