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How to convert your website visits into sales

Now that you receive traffic on your website, it is important to know how to convert these visits into sales.

And, we have good news: if you’ve made it this far, you’ve already overcome the hardest part!

It’s a fact in the world of online marketing: it costs ten times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. And, if you have already had a sale or at least have a constant flow of traffic, you can get more sales with a lower investment!

The lead nurturing can help in this conversion process.

Let’s see how to convert the curious who pass by your website into customers (and how to make them come back!):

  1. Take a look at the look of your store

Your online store is the showcase of your business, where your customers will come to know and fall in love with your products. So make sure you show them off!

Create a beautiful online store that meets the expectations and tastes of your customers. Many of the ecommerce platforms with which we integrate offer plugins , templates or modules with which to give your business your personal touch. Choose one and make your store beautiful!

And remember that not everything is in the visual: the usability of your store and the information you provide in it are also crucial to convince your customers that they can trust your business.

A web page divided into sections that meet all the needs of your customers will convert much more than one that consists of a single page with products. Don’t forget about some crucial pages:

The About Me page . Where you can talk about yourself as an entrepreneur, tell your story … In short, bring out your most human side.
The frequently asked questions page . Think about what questions your customers may have regarding your business and answer them here.

The policies page . It is very important that your clients see that you have everything well tied, and that you will know what to do in case of return, how to manage shipments, etc.
The contact page . Let your buyers know that you are there for them, and that they can get in touch with you in some way.

Once you have them all, your website will have a professional appearance and will give you enough confidence to encourage your customers to make their purchases.

  1. Analyze the behavior of your customers on your website

If you have visits but cannot convert them into sales, it is most likely that your product is attractive but something is wrong with your website.

There are applications that allow you to “record your clients’ sessions” or create heat maps : see what pages they visit on your website, where they click … Their behavior can tell you a lot about what interests them and what you can eliminate.

A heatmap can show you where your visitors are clicking, telling you which sections they are interested in (and which you should boost accordingly).

Also use Google Analytics to know which sections of the web are attracting the most visits and converting the best. It will give you very good clues of everything you can improve!

  1. Analyze your social networks

Facebook Insights , Twitter Analytics and Instagram metrics are very valuable tools that will help you not only understand what type of posts your followers are most interested in, but will also give you the ingredients to define your buyer persona and the hours at which they are connect. And this is vital data to give them the kind of content they want, when they want!

From the social media metrics you can define who your customers are, in order to know how to address them and what kind of information to offer them.

  1. Be proactive… but don’t go overboard!

With your email and social media campaigns, you will want to invite your followers to buy and visit your store – that’s exactly what they are for !

However, be careful not to overwhelm your customers. Do not fill their inbox every day with your products or they will end up marking you as spam . And from there it does not come out.

Use the metrics we have told you about before and apply them when scheduling your emails and your publications. And don’t be afraid to take a survey or ask for reviews from your store every now and then!

The surveys will help you to know first-hand what has made your customer choose not to make their purchase.

They don’t have to be complex, a Google Form can give you all the information you need. Send it to customers who have visited you without making their purchases and find out what worries them!

  1. Use a retargeting campaign

A retargeting campaign consists of re-interacting with a potential customer who visited your website without completing the purchase process.

They are, in most cases, those ads that show you the same product that you had been looking at a few hours ago in an online store where you have already closed session.

It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The retargeting works because the cookies of your online store . You can program these campaigns through Google Ads , your email manager … or whatever means you need.

These campaigns usually work very well, since the customer has shown interest in a specific product that you can now exploit with a discount, free shipping …

To sell!

You have already seen how to start generating traffic and converting it into sales whether you have just started your business or if you are looking for a higher conversion.

It only remains to apply what has been learned!

Which method best suits your needs? Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know!

How to increase sales on Etsy Description:

Etsy has become a very powerful online sales platform . This is a good way to start publicizing your products and make new customers. Therefore, and due to the great competition in this marketplace , it is essential to know the “tricks” and “secrets” that we can implement to increase sales on Etsy .

In today’s article I tell you how to sell on Etsy as an individual, how to position yourself on Etsy , how to get visits on Etsy and how to increase sales on the platform. Are you ready? Here we go!

How to increase sales on Etsy

  1. Is it profitable to sell on Etsy ?
    Etsy is an online sales platform that offers spaces to individuals and / or companies to sell their products on the Internet.

Many of you have asked me on occasion: Is it profitable to sell on Etsy ? It depends on several factors, as in everything. It depends on your business, the type of product, the time you spend on it, how much effort you put into moving it around the Internet … but the answer is: YES, for many people Etsy is a profitable platform .

  1. Sell on Etsy as an individual. Requirements to sell on Etsy .
    If you already have an Etsy shop , you can skip this point and move on to the next one because everything we say here, you will already know. On the other hand, if you don’t have a store yet, stay and take a look at the requirements to start selling on this platform.

At this point I would like to emphasize that, before starting to sell, you inform an advisor about the legal obligations you assume when selling online (billing, VAT, etc.). In this way, you can start with the peace of mind of being informed about the activity you are going to start.

  1. How to position yourself on Etsy ?
    As I mentioned before, Etsy is a platform where you can find thousands of products. Therefore, in many sectors, competition is very high . It is essential, therefore, to define a good strategy to position your store and your products from the beginning and, thus, increase sales on Etsy .

You must work both the strategy within the platform and outside of it. Not only can you rank well within Etsy , but also outside the marketplace (through Google or increased traffic with Pinterest ). For this reason, I recommend that, from the beginning, you work well with the product categories, their names and their descriptions. How to do it? Taking care of the SEO of your products, studying keywords and using them in your store. I will explain it to you in more detail in the next point.

how to increase sales on etsy

Are you liking the article? Share it on Pinterest Description:

  1. How to improve SEO on Etsy ? Position items on Etsy
    Well, now we know that taking care of the SEO of our store on Etsy can help us get visits and, consequently, increase sales on Etsy . We are going to see what aspects we must take into account in order to improve SEO on this platform .

Keywords, also known as Keywords , are the fundamental part of SEO. The base pillar. Finding them should be your mission but: how to do it? You must put yourself in the shoes of your potential client. Think about what needs they have and how that person “could search” for your product or service on the Internet. You can use suggested searches on Google and Etsy to get an idea of ​​the most searched terms. With “suggested search” I mean the options you give Google and / or Etsy when you enter a search term.

Once you have your list of keywords, you must implement them. Remember to use them in article titles , descriptions , ALT tags of your photos and categories . Obviously, you have to use them with some caution. We do not want the customer to not understand anything about the product or service that we sell. Something like that would be counterproductive. Find the balance between explanation and keywords. Remember to always use several of them and in order of importance (from most to least relevant).

There are other factors that can interfere with the “visibility” of your product. The age , the number of visits that the article has, the favorable reviews of your store … All aspects count, so you can use these little tricks to give your store a boost. Encourage your customers to leave a review, renew items that have been uploaded for a long time, interact with other stores … In short, move as much as you can to get your store ready and you will see how more visits arrive and, consequently, you get increase sales on Etsy .

Well, this is all inside Etsy but: And outside? We must not forget to work on the positioning and flow of clients from external sources such as social networks. At this point, I would like to emphasize Pinterest as a good source of traffic for this type of business . Let’s go to the next point!

  1. How to get visits on Etsy ? How to promote your business on Pinterest ?
    We have already seen what aspects we must work to position ourselves well inside and outside of Etsy, but how do I attract visits from other sources? You can do it through social networks, specifically, with Pinterest .

Pinterest is like a huge catalog of products and services. Crowds of people, mainly women, spend time looking for photos on this social network. Therefore, if your audience is primarily female, Pinterest may be a good option. Obviously, it depends on the product you sell and your target audience, but this social network usually has favorable results with people who sell on Etsy .

Another important aspect to use Pinterest is because it has a powerful search engine that allows users to find your pins, even if they have never entered your profile. Therefore, if you work correctly with your publications on this network and take care of the keywords of your pins, you will be able to see how visits to your store on Etsy increase significantly .

If you want me to help you give your business visibility on Pinterest with an effective strategy that attracts constant visits to your store, come and see my social media management packages for entrepreneurs or write to me at janerandallsnewsletter@gmail.com telling me your case and what we will analyze for free.

  1. How to increase sales on Etsy ? Conclution
    In short, it is important that you work on your visibility strategy on Etsy from the beginning .

You should, on the one hand, spend some time looking for keywords to later configure your products based on them. On the other hand, you should not forget that, outside of Etsy , you will also have work to do. Choose the social networks that you will work with and direct traffic to your store. In this way, you will get more visits and increase sales on Etsy .

  1. Final recommendation
    This is a post about selling on Etsy , which is a very good platform to make yourself known and start attracting customers for your online business.

However, I did not want to miss the opportunity to recommend that, when you can afford it, you value the option of creating your own online store . Do not forget that Etsy is a third-party platform, so if one day it closes, your business will do so with it.

For this reason, it is advisable to have your own online store to be autonomous and self-sufficient. Etsy is a good way to get started and get noticed, but in the long run, having your own e- commerce should be your goal.

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