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How to generate visits to your website and convert them into sales

You have already created your online store. You have put all your effort into choosing the correct ecommerce platform , giving it an attractive appearance, designing the ideal products for your business… Everything seems perfect and, however, the sales do not arrive.

There is no “magic wand of ecommerce ” or any universal trick that guarantees that you will start selling overnight. We have always said it: an online business requires time and effort.

In our experience in the world of e-commerce we have learned that there are some fairly common reasons why our customers get to see their income not arrive or how their traffic of visits does not translate into sales.

If you find yourself in any of these situations , you have come to the right place!

In this article we want to help you both to increase the web traffic of your store and to convert your visitors into buyers. Go to the section that best suits your needs and get ready to sell!

I just opened my online store: how to generate visits to my website?

You’ve already jumped into the pool: your online store is ready, your products have everything they need to make your niche fall in love … but why doesn’t anyone buy them?

Chances are, if you are just starting out in the world of ecommerce , making your first sale is a bit overwhelming. At the end of the day, this process involves presenting your new business to complete strangers and convincing them that what you offer is just what they need. What a vertigo!

You already know that starting on the right foot is very important so that, in the long run, everything works correctly in your online business. Therefore, in this section we want to help you both to avoid the most basic mistakes in the process of creating your business, as well as to make your first sale.

Let us begin!

Errors that you may be making in your online store that prevent you from selling

If you decide to embark on the ecommerce adventure , you will realize that the first steps are always the most technical.

There are many factors to take into account at this point in the process and, therefore, it is normal that a loose end may be left behind. Who hasn’t ever made a rookie mistake? We have all fallen at times.

To save you the hassle, in this webinar we present 10 beginner mistakes that you want to avoid if you want to start selling from your website. Check that you are not committing them and, if you come across any, calm down! Because we also explain how to solve them.

If you want me to help you give your business visibility on Pinterest with an effective strategy that attracts constant visits to your store, come and see my social media management packages for entrepreneurs or write to me at janerandallsnewsletter@gmail.com telling me your case and what we will analyze for free.

If none of these errors affect you, congratulations! You will have configured your online store correctly.

How to increase visits and get the first sale of your online store

The technical side is already under control, so let’s move on to the good stuff!

Reaching the eyes of your first buyer goes through a simple idea: make yourself known through different channels . The more the merrier.

The multicanalidad (both in terms of communication and sales) has two main advantages:

They allow you to reach wider audiences in less time
It is perfect for experimenting with new channels and, in the long run, discovering which of them is the most suitable to get closer to your niche and generate more traffic to your business
Sounds good right? Let’s see what means to use to reach your first customers:

  1. Word of mouth

Simple, but very effective.

No marketing strategy can convince you of the quality of a product better than a friend’s recommendation.

Don’t be shy and ask your friends to share your business on social networks. You have all the necessary characteristics to generate interest!

A unique design made by you, exclusively for a certain niche.
Quality products backed by all Printful warranties .
Faster shipping and management than other providers.

  1. Forums

The Internet is full of forums and Facebook groups that cover every topic you can imagine. Find one related to your niche and talk about your business!

We recommend that you introduce yourself with humility, telling you that you have just opened your business and the reasons why you have decided to make your dream come true! Surely more than one person will identify with your story and will give you at least one visit.

  1. Social networks and mail

Create profiles on social networks where you think your niche is moving and start posting! Remember to set a periodicity and upload attractive and interesting content. So your followers will want to share your posts and you will be able to reach a larger audience quickly!

A good social media strategy is crucial to get the most out of your posts.

Once you have a good base of followers, offer to join your mailing list ( newsletter ) in order to keep them informed of all your news through their email. Adapt your email marketing campaigns to your niche and the season, and the sales will come by themselves!

  1. Discounts

Nothing attracts customers like a good discount. Even if it is 5 or 10%, reducing the price of your products for a limited time is a magnet for sales.

In the first months of your business’s life, there are a few tricks that can help you make your first sales:

Enter a discount code in your posts on networks or offer it to those who subscribe to your newsletter .
Offer free shipping for a limited time.
Apply a market penetration strategy in the prices of your products.
Or, simply, offer a general discount to celebrate the opening of your business with your customers and hook them.

  1. Organize giveaways

Nothing to encourage your buyers to share your posts like organizing a good giveaway on Instagram , Facebook or by email!

A sweepstakes will not bring you immediate profits, but it can increase your visibility a lot!

You can do it in two ways:

On your social networks: asking your followers to tag you in their publications and to share your content on their profiles.
Via email: asking them to join your newsletter and raffle some of your products among your new subscribers.
It is important that, in your giveaways, you always ask the contestants to follow your profiles on social networks or to join your newsletter . This way you will have joined them to your network and you will be able to keep them informed of all the news of your store!

  1. Paid advertising

The paid advertising can be helpful, especially in the first days of life of your business, when the organic traffic is virtually nonexistent.

Take advantage of the form of advertising that best suits your niche and plant yourself on the screens of the target audience that interests you. We have already recommended two ways:

Through Facebook Ads or Facebook Ads
Using Google Ads

  1. Optimize your store’s SEO

Working on the SEO of your business is the most effective way to work the web positioning of your store and appear among the first search results. In addition to the best option to keep your business alive in the long term!

Make sure not only to add the keywords that interest you, but also to offer quality content that will engage your visitors.
Attract links to your website with a guest blogging strategy .
Remember that we already gave you some basic tips to optimize the SEO of your business yourself, apply them!

Even if you already have clients, all of these techniques mentioned above can help you generate more traffic and reach new clients. Keep them in mind!

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