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How to Sell on Etsy : How to Use Pinterest to Drive More Sales in Your Etsy Store

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Did you know that Pinterest is the best kept secret of many of the successful sellers on Etsy ? Well yeah ! You want to know more? Here we go…

I wanted to share this information with you because I have finally started to see the results of the work that I have done on Pinterest in the last few months. I have yet to achieve the consistent level of sales that I dream of so much, but the reality is that my store has undergone a change from heaven to earth since using Pinterest as a marketing strategy. But first I want to tell you a little about what my life as a seller was like on Etsy a few months ago.

The sales pace in my Etsy shop was lousy, and I’m not ashamed to say, I suffered from it !!! Weeks went by and I had no sales. I tell you with my heart in my hand … until one day I realized that if I kept doing the same thing, I was going to have the same results over and over again. So I said to myself: Uldaliz reacts now! Do things different !!!

The first thing that came to mind was the following: You are not an expert in business and much less in marketing … so start learning these aspects as soon as possible. And so it was … I recognized my weakness (what prevented me from being successful with my business), I began to learn and then everything began to change !!!

I realized that I did not know how to market my product effectively. I did not take formal courses or hire a professional coach. I was just starting the business, so the budget was pretty tight. I started reading a lot about the different platforms that are used for online marketing and discovered that Pinterest was the chicken that laid the golden eggs, a platform capable of providing you with a powerful marketing system and best of all: FREE! How it will be? Well, yes , little friend or little friend, you’re reading me !

I go back and repeat, I am not an expert in marketing or Pinterest . But I have dared to write this post and tell you what I have discovered and learned so that you and all the other fellow sellers on Etsy will find out and benefit.

Shall we start?

How is Pinterest commonly used ? Many people use Pinterest to search for food recipes, decorating ideas, the latest fashion trends, etc. They use it that way because they think Pinterest was created exclusively for those purposes. I was one of those people! He had boards for fashion, recipes, travel, crafts, etc.

All of that changed when I opened my Etsy shop a few months ago. My reality had changed, and therefore I had to do everything in my power to make my business work. If my goal was to make money with my store on Etsy , then he had to learn how to use Pinterest strategically. And that’s what I did.

So what were the changes I made to Pinterest ? I’ll start by explaining what the most important change I made was:

Create an account on Pinterest aimed at attracting my ideal client.

The most common mistake that many entrepreneurs make on Pinterest is that they create an account and their content does not focus on attracting potential customers. The key to success is attracting the right people, attracting your ideal customer.

What steps should you follow to attract your ideal client?

1) Open an account on Pinterest for businesses. It’s free, create it here ! If you have a personal account and want to change it to a business account, you can also do that. Follow the instructions given here .

What is the advantage of using a business account? It is an account designed for marketing that contains more functions, such as Pinterest Analytics (statistics for your business). You will also need such an account to create ads and / or promotions on Pinterest (this refers to paid promotions and is at the discretion of each businessman). So this is the ideal account to promote your business or shop on Etsy .

2) Open the account with the name of your business and write a description that includes keywords or ” keywords “.

My Etsy store is called Rainbow Handmade Store . So my account address is: https://www.pinterest.com/rainbowhandmadestore. In the account description be sure to include your name, what you do and / or what is the product or service you offer, who is it addressed to, what need does it satisfy and include a call to action or ” call to action ” to create an approach or ” engagement “, which in the end is our main objective.

My call to action is an invitation to subscribe to my “email list ” to receive special offers. Other ways to attract your ideal client is by placing the link for them to take advantage of a special sale or to download a free tutorial, etc.

The space that Pinterest provides for the description of the account is very limited, so make the description very concise and precise. If you want to see the example of my account description, you can see it here .

3) In the account title write the name of your store and keywords or ” keywords “. Before I had written my name, but now my title has the name of my store and also keywords or ” keywords “. If a person searches for those same keywords either in the search engine of Pinterest or Google, it is very likely that they will find you.

Important- I don’t know if you knew, but there are Pinterest accounts or boards that rank very well in the Google search engine. If any of your boards or your own Pinterest account has a keyword that is popular in the Google search engine, the chances of it appearing in the first results in Google are high, and as a consequence, it could lead to more traffic from potential customers potentials to your Etsy shop.

Important- I don’t know if you knew it, but Pinterest is not a social network as many think. It is not a social network like Facebook or Instagram . Pinterest is a search and discovery platform for ideas. Its nature is that it derives its power to generate traffic from potential customers and sales in your Etsy store . Let’s look at this example:

Maria is getting married in a year and is going to start planning her wedding. Go to Pinterest and create a board with the name “My Wedding” and start looking for different designs of bridal gowns, hairstyles for brides, wedding decorations, tips on how to have the best wedding, etc. Start adding pins to your new board from the aforementioned aspects. Maria is a potential customer for a seller on Etsy who sells bridal gowns, wedding decorations, etc.

When a person saves a pin of your product on one of their boards, they automatically become a potential potential customer.

And the latest statistics from Pinterest confirm it !!!

93% of users say they use Pinterest to plan their purchases and 87% say they have bought something thanks to Pinterest . Source: https://business.pinterest.com/en/why-advertise-on-pinterest

Remember! Each pin includes the image of your product, a small description (which must have keywords or ” keywords “), the price, and very importantly, the link to your store. A pin is more than a mere image, it is a complete marketing strategy !!!

For this reason, Pinterest has great potential to generate traffic from potential customers to your Etsy store (which could generate many more sales) and not momentarily as many people believe, but month after month, very similar to Google.

To get more people to save your pins as many times as possible, it is important that you do the following:

  • Publish the link or address of your new Pinterest account on your social networks. Make all your followers on your social networks follow you on Pinterest as well . This strategy is very important, do you know why ? Let me explain with the following example:

If you can get some of your Facebook or Instagram followers to follow you on Pinterest as well , the chances of them saving your pins on their boards are very high. And that’s not all, if it turns out that some of your fans have more than 10,000 or 50,000 followers on Pinterest , the chances that their followers will see your pins and save them on their boards are very high. With this strategy, you will have achieved that more people have your products on their boards and you increase the chances that a pin of yours can go viral.

Important- Use the power of social media to your advantage! Don’t just share the address of your new Pinterest account on social media, also share your most relevant pins with your followers.

  • Try to pin your products consistently. To make this process easier for you, it is important that you create a dashboard of your products. From there repine your products to other boards. To give your pins greater visibility, I recommend that you join collaborating on group boards that are related to your niche. How can you find the group boards? Visit the Pingroupie page , where you will find the most complete database of group boards on Pinterest .

  • In this database you can search the boards by topic, see the number of followers they have, etc. I recommend that you consider those group boards that have ” quality pins ” and a good number of followers and / or collaborators. You can imagine why, right? When you visit the boards that interest you, read their description carefully and there you will find the instructions to apply to be a collaborator.

  • Instructions vary and are set by the creator of each board. I want to give you good news! I just created a group board for you to join and start promoting your products. The board is called ” Etsy Handmade Gifts ” and to be added you just have to follow the board and send me a message on Pinterest with your account address. The board rules are as follows: You can add a maximum of 3 pins to the board per day.

  • You will also need to pin at least one product from your colleagues and add it to your boards. By helping each other, it will make it easier for us to grow our businesses on Etsy . How about? For your convenience, you can follow the board here .

  • You can also use automatic pin programming services. You can use the services like Tailwind, etc. Large companies use these services. The benefits are huge when you have an entire automated marketing strategy, right? I used the Tailwind “free trial” a while ago and the experience was good. Once the trial time was over, I stopped using it, as I had to start paying a monthly charge of $ 15.

4) Create topic boards that attract your ideal customer. Now my boards are not about the best food recipes, travel destinations or the latest in fashion, but about topics that attract my ideal client.

Important- You can still use your Pinterest account to create boards and pin on your personal tastes. Just be sure to create your personal dashboards and make them “secret”. It is very important that there is coherence between the topics of your boards, which will make your ” profile ” stand out from your potential competitors.

When starting your business, you most likely had to analyze who your ideal customer is, right? If you are not sure who your ideal client is, you should work on it as soon as possible.

I know you have most likely heard the word SEO! I know !!! It’s not a very fun topic, but on Pinterest you also have to work on it quite a bit. How does SEO work on Pinterest ? Create dashboards with keywords of aspects that attract your ideal customer. Add keywords in the board descriptions as well.

Not sure what keywords to use? Pinterest, like Etsy and Google, suggests keywords in the search engine. Take advantage of this advantage and use those keywords (which tend to be the most searched). Also, do not leave any pin without description. It would be like having a pin lost in space!

Important- If you don’t know what boards you should create to attract your ideal customer, I recommend that you look for other accounts of competitors in the same market niche and see what boards they have.

So that you can engage in this aspect, I am going to give you the following example:

If your target market is mostly at home moms caring for young children, consider creating the following dashboards:

*Children activities

  • Family trips
  • Easy recipes to make
  • Parenting tips

*Among others

You can see what it is about, right? So go thinking about your topics or keywords and create boards that attract the attention of your ideal client.

As for the organization of these boards, it is very important that you place the board of the products of your store first. It’s the first dashboard you want your ideal client to see, right? Then place a few boards related to your products, those that are on topics to attract your ideal customer and at the end the group boards would go.

Each board must have 20 pins or more. The more pins your boards have the better … The more valuable content you offer to your potential customers the better !!!

5) Pin consistently so you can position your pins and appear first in the results. Let me tell you that the Pinterest algorithm loves user accounts and / or boards with constant activity, that have a lot of pins, that they are of quality or that they are constantly being repinned . It puts them at the top of the results !!! So…

Pin , pin , pin every day !!! Use the Pinterest application for iPhone or Android (you can get it in your App Store ) and install it on your cell phone. It’s free! Believe me, it will be easier for you to pin from your cell phone than from your computer or laptop.

Pin , pin , pin on several boards !!! Why is it important that you add your products in the different boards that you have in your account? Because there are people who sometimes don’t follow or ” follow ” all your boards and only follow or ” follow ” a particular board.

To get each of your followers to see your pins and save them to their boards, you have to actively pin on each of your boards. Not only that, the day and time are also important aspects that you should consider.

Try to find out which days and hours your followers are most active. In my case, they are active mostly on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and especially at night. I pin my products mostly on those days and at night because that way I increase the chances that they will see my pins and save them on their boards.

Important- Pinterest , in their best practice guide , recommends pinning 10-12 pins per day. Also it points out that the first 5 pins that you save are priority for distribution, so you Pin it first pins that are most important and save them to your most relevant boards.

6) Create valuable content for your customers, don’t just add pins from your Etsy products . Did you know that the pins that generate the highest customer traffic are not those that appear directly promoting your products, but those that offer valuable content?

What what? As you read it … you do have to add the pins of your Etsy products , but at the same time you have to create valuable content that attracts your ideal customer, and the best way to do it is by creating a blog. Yes !!! Put it on your to do list. You can create the blog on WordPress

Let me explain why you have to create a blog:

I sell toys, games and educational activities inspired by Maria Montessori. In Pinterest not only pin my products Etsy , but also add valuable content on the Montessori educational philosophy. If you visit the dashboard of my products , you will see the pins of my products, but you will also notice that there are pins with information and phrases from Montessori.

How do I generate valuable content for my ideal client?

I generate it through my Montessori Kiddies educational blog , where I publish content aimed at helping parents and teachers who want to start integrating the Montessori method in the upbringing and / or education of their children. Also, on the blog I share free educational resources and also recommend my products on Etsy.

When your potential customers see that you create valuable content, that inspires confidence. It is one of the best ways to make your work and expertise known .

Important- When you start your blog, I suggest that for each post you write, you design a pin. The best performing pins on Pinterest have certain characteristics. I recommend that you design them in Canva , which is a free design platform that has the templates or ” templates ” of the pins that stand out the best on Pinterest.

7) Don’t just sit around waiting for people to follow your account on Pinterest … Grow your own audience … power up and follow people too. Who should you follow on Pinterest and why ? Follow people strategically. Don’t follow anyone on Pinterest . How can you get the right people? Use the Pinterest search engine and type ” keywords “.

The Pinterest search engine allows you to search by pins, by boards and by people … therefore, I recommend that you focus on the people options (a large part of the users that you should follow have keywords next to their name) and boards (also there you can discover which people have boards similar to yours).

Follow people who have common interests or are within your market niche.

In other words, people who are interested in buying your products !!! First give priority to the most powerful users (who have a lot of followers and / or their ” montly viewers ” are considerable). When you follow a high caliber person on Pinterest.

3 things happen that I consider important:

(1 ) their pins will appear in your feed (you will take advantage of them and can enrich your own content);

(2) it is likely that it will also follow you (but be careful, for this to happen, you must have created a robust profile, otherwise it will not follow you). By following you, your pins will appear in their feed and …

(3) if they decide to pin your content or products (they could be seen and reprinted at the same time, by their hundreds of followers, growing your audience … with new followers and potential customers.)

I suggest you start your Pinterest marketing strategy now !!! Don´t doubt to get in touch if you need anything, and if you need a pinterest management service just let us know.

I could tell you much more, but if I keep writing I begin to believe that I am making a book. Subscribe by email so you don’t miss my posts . I assure you that I will write more posts on Pinterest and other interesting topics.

Did you know the Pinterest platform ? What has been your experience? Share it in the comments section. This is how we share ideas and help each other.

If you know more Etsy sellers , feel free to share this post so they can benefit too. We are here to help each other

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